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US 300 000 $
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Seller Comment: Nordberg 30' x 150' Radial Stacking Conveyor, Eagle Iron 54x34 Double Screw, Shop Built Log Washer, Eagle Iron 36x30 Double Screw, Eagle Iron Clay Washer, Mason Sand Recovery System, 5,000 Gallon 14x8 Dry Gland Sump Pump, Triple Deck Screen, 8x40 Control Room with Switch Gear, 1200 Amp Service

***If you questions about this wash plant please contact James Walker at 281-960-1095.***

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Feed System
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Wash Screen
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Slurry / Pumping System
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Classifier System
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Photos Kolberg Classifier S/N: 410273 Model: 7112-48 Year Mfg: 2010

Dewatering / Sand Screw
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Photos Eagle Iron Works Helical Gear Reducer Model: 11524 Serial: 15468

Описание Рейтинг Подробности  
Photos Conveyor System

Control House
Описание Рейтинг Подробности  
Photos 8'x40’ Control Room with Switch Gear

Spare Parts
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Дополнительные фотографии
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