Назад Далее
Дата продажи
Цена закрытия
2 600 €
Количество предложений
964 958 км
4x2, 420HP, 16 Speed, Manual Transmission, LHD, Analogue Tachograph, Air Suspension, Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Windows, Power Mirrors, Heated Mirrors, Hydraulic Tipping Equipped,

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Проверено компанией IronPlanet.

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Отчет о проверке

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Описание Подробности
Mileage: 964958 KM
Мощность двигателя в лошадиных силах: 420 Adv Horsepower
Ad-Blue No
Тип/скорость трансмиссии: 16 Speed; Manual Transmission
Замедлитель Retarder: Hydraulic Нажмите здесь, чтобы открыть фото и видео, прилагаемые к данному лоту.  
Тип привода: 4x2
Rear Axle Capacity 11000 kg
Front Axle Capacity 8000 kg
Описание Подробности
Air Ride Cab: Yes
Блокирующиеся дифференциалы No
Передняя подвеска: Spring Front Suspension
Задняя подвеска: Air Ride Suspension
Fuel Tank Capacity Can not verify
Интегрированный гидробачок и топливный бак. No
PTO: Yes
5th Wheel Fixed
Driver Position Left Hand Drive
Описание Прилагается
Air Conditioning
Cruise Control
Power Windows
Power Mirrors
Heated Mirrors
Sleeper Workstation

Общий вид
Описание Рейтинг Подробности  
Date of 1st Registration Month 5; Year 2005

Дополнительные фотографии
Дополнительные фотографии #1 Нажмите здесь, чтобы открыть фото и видео, прилагаемые к данному лоту.  
This item is offered with IronClad Assurance® protection. With IronClad Assurance®, if a buyer discovers that the item is not substantially in the condition as represented in this inspection report, the buyer may submit a written dispute claim to IronPlanet. Following submission of a written dispute claim, IronPlanet will investigate the claim, re-inspecting the equipment item as necessary, and determine a fair and mutually beneficial resolution. Please note that IronPlanet inspections are performed solely for the purpose of reporting the visible condition of the equipment's major systems and attachments on the day of the inspection and do not include load testing or digging/lifting. These inspections are not designed nor intended to detect latent defects, or conditions that could only be found in connection with the physical dismantling of the equipment or the use of diagnostic tools or techniques. This inspection report includes ratings, comments, and photos of the various components of the item. Knowledgeable buyers are expected to carefully review all of the available information in the inspection report, including all photographs, in order to make the best bidding and buying decision possible.