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12 Cu. Yd. Weigh Batcher w/606 BBL. Portable Silo, Additional Diversified Storage Systems (DSS) 350 BBL. Portable Silo, 10’ x 20’ Insulated Control House (Orange Sea Container) , 10’ x 20’ (Tan Sea Container) Insulated Air Compressor / Storage Container, Sioux 1.2 Million BTU/HR Natural Gas Water Heater. The plant has been disassembled for transport. *** Seller comments: The seller is willing to assist in load-out of the buyers trucks. Batch Plant was purchased new in 2007 and operated until 2015. Service work was performed by Stephens Manufacturing. Production from this plant serviced a geographic area of 4,000 – 5000 population where it was located. The plant is in very good condition. *** Contact Rene Hernandez at (925) 309-7320 and Kyle Harbuck at (817)-768-3489 Or Make an Offer below. Se Habla Español

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Stephens DC Colt Weigh Batcher, 606 BBL. Silo, 30” Transfer Belt. The plant is completely pre-wired and pre-plumbed with water and air. Plant production capabilities can easily be increased with overhead bins. Stephens Manufacturing sells bolt on overhead bins and dust collectors if needed.

Additional Storage Silo
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DSS Diversified Storage Systems 350 BBL. Portable Silo. Comes with auger that assembles directly into cement weigh hopper on the Stephens DC Colt

Control Container
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Batch House Control Container. 10’ x 20’ C Container w/door and window. Insulated, Electric Heater, Lights, Electrical outlets Batch Plant Controls.

Air Compressor Container
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10’ x 20’ Container, Insulated, Electric Heater, Lights, Electrical outlets. Includes Ingersoll Rand T30 Model 7100 2 stage industrial air compressor. Van Air - Air dryer system

Plant Water Heater
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Sioux 1.2 Million BTU/HR Natural Gas Water Heater
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